Hote Pics Kate Moss goes Nude again!

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Hote Pics Kate Moss goes Nude again!

Post  karimhassani on Thu Jul 04, 2013 8:56 am

British model Kate Moss returned as the face of Versace for the forthcoming Autumn/Winter 2013 season and this time she appears as a brunette in the latest photos. Moss strips down bare, wearing nothing but three bright Versace handbags for one of the shots, while the second released image shows her dressed in nothing more than a black and yellow fur coat.
Photography pair Mert & Marcus were involved in the photo shoot and commenting on the simple campaign, Dontella Versace affirmed that the emphasis is on the clothing. She says that the campaign is ‘stripped back to the raw power of the clothes and models. There’s no set, no distraction, just the provocation, glamour and attitude of our fashion’.

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