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Post  lindsay on Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:18 pm

The Ward is a relating to the mind thoughts and behaviour. horror produced and directed by the horror very skilled artist, John Carpenter. Set during the 1960s, the movie is based on the ghostly happenings in a to do with mental health ward. The movie focuses on the affairs of a girl called Christian (Amber Heard), who is being supervised by an spooky physician called doctor balance line on a surfboard. Christian is under to do with mental health care as she has supposedly torched a farm. In the mental hospital she is accompanied by four companions, Sarah, Emily (Mamie Gummer), Iris, and life. Cropping of initial confrontations with the ward-mates is witnessed, but things very slowly start falling into place. As the movie progresses, things start to get frightening when ward-mates start to disappear one by one. The ward gets haunted during nights when scary sounds start haunting the ears, turning the ambience really slightly scary and frightening. Christian feels a wispy and mobile phantasm during nights when the ward is closed. The presence of a ghost is felt indebted to nocturnal disturbances and the movie centralizes on the avoiding reality of Christian because she feels that she could be the next victim. doctor balance line on a surfboard tries his best to settle the situation, but all in conceited. Subsequently she restores herself and tries to find the source of all the ill-happenings. Then a striking in real life crops up, and she finds out that no one had ever come out of the ward alive. The subsequent incidents and the planning of Christian to do a Houdini are thrilling enough to make people jump out of their seats.


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