My films go 100 percent above budget

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My films go 100 percent above budget

Post  alfredjoshf on Wed Jun 29, 2011 3:50 pm

The script itself had me excited. When I read it for the first time, I found it very funny. I started laughing so much I couldn’t breathe. Then I loved the characters, the pace of the script. It was very unusual, very different and crazy. It belonged to a genre of films like ‘Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ and ‘Snatch’.

In Hindi cinema, we’ve never really had a dark comedy that has been successful. So what was going through your mind when you decided to back a project like this that hasn’t been attempted before?
It’s not really a dark comedy. It’s less like ‘Snatch’ and more like ‘Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’. You’re right, a film like this has never been made in Indian cinema but when I like something, I just go with it. I’ve done that very often in the past as well.

Since you claim to make unconventional cinema, how does one ensure it’s commercial too without compromising on creativity?
I don’t know how to answer that although that’s what I try to do each time. One thing I try to do is that when I’m picking a script, the commerce or the economics doesn’t come into my head. I am just doing it for creative satisfaction.


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